Meet Dr. Ulises A. Guzman

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A Passion for Healthy, Beautiful Smiles

Dr. Ulises A. Guzman knows the difference straight teeth and a beautiful smile make in the life of his patients. Not only does each person’s self-esteem blossom, but they become more confident in every interaction. They know their smile looks incredible and that makes them happier and more outgoing.

Dr. Guzman also knows that properly aligned teeth improve a person’s dental and overall health. When teeth are crooked, it’s difficult to properly brush and floss, leading to an increase in dental disease. Misaligned teeth also put strain on the jaw and facial muscles during chewing, which can lead to pain, including TMJ-TMD.

Through his work, Dr. Guzman improves each patient’s emotional and physical health. Best of all, those changes last a lifetime!

Education and Continuing Education

Understanding the importance of remaining current on ever-changing research, technology, and treatments, Dr. Guzman completes many hours of continuing education. He has also presented at professional orthodontic meetings, and has many published papers, as well.

Additionally, Dr. Guzman is a Fellow and Master with the Academy of General Dentistry and a Fellow in the International Association for Orthodontics. He strongly believes that staying current in his profession is the key to delivering comprehensive, quality care, and creating a lifetime of beautiful and healthy smiles for his patients.

Professional Affiliations

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